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Actors Musicians & Performers - Alexander Technique

Discover your true neutral positional self and then perform with less effort. Learn to remove idiosyncratic mannerisms from your performances to instil fresh characterisation and original phrasing. The teacher helps to remove the element of trying from your performance to allow natural, unstrained expression.

Stamina can be improved and the Technique is an effective tool for managing stage fright. Clarity of perception is improved as your senses open up.

Many music and drama colleges include the Alexander Technique as part of their curriculum.

Many actors, singers and public speakers know about the importance of the diaphragm for clear voice production. However, most performers and speakers have a lack of anatomical expertise or understand the full workings and location of the diaphragm. The Alexander Technique can greatly help performers get the best out of their craft.

Having lessons will enable you to allow your diaphragm to work freely and in harmony with the rest of your system. A strong diaphragm will affect the power, range and colour of your voice and breathing.

A video below highlights the importance of the diaphragm and how it works anatomically.