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How Alexander Technique Works

Alexander Technique reducing back pain and fixing postureWatch a young child pick up a toy and they will bend at the hips, knees and ankles; as adults we tend to fix these joints and bend from the waist. This puts enormous strain on our muscles and joints. The Alexander Technique helps us to use our muscles and joints effectively.

Also our largely sedentary lives lead to poor activation of postural muscles. As we age we tend to acquire all sorts of physical and mental patterns of behaviour that restrict our mobility and alertness.

By enacting everyday activities such as sitting, walking, standing, holding, reaching, talking, typing, in the Alexander Technique you will learn how to recognize and revert any bad habits that have stopped you from moving freely and with no effort. Through light touch and verbal suggestions the teacher guides you to recognise how to restore a better overall balance and improve your posture and coordination.

This will reflect on your whole being, as you learn to become present and aware and free to respond to life in new and unrestricted ways. Many people report generally feeling happier in their daily life.