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Testimonials from Alexander Technique clients

I am so glad I finally committed to learning the Alexander Technique. It is something I have been meaning to try for a long time. I have suffered from severe RSI, to the point where when I first saw Will, I was in extreme pain and unable to lift a full cup of tea.

The results of my lessons are remarkable. My pain is massively reduced, at times gone completely and things are improving all the time. I have been able to return to small amounts of computer work. Most importantly, as an actor I have been able to find a more stable and graceful way of moving and standing. My breathing is deeper and fuller, improving my vocal quality and I am getting excellent feedback on my voice and posture at work. I am now back to performing and writing full time and feeling very hopeful about my continued improvement.

Will is an excellent teacher; patient, kind, clear, intelligent and encouraging. I couldn't recommend him more.

Miranda Keeling, performer and writer

I have been treated by Will for around two years and find the sessions leave me feeling beautifully in balance, calm and peaceful. Will has a lovely gentle, thoughtful manner, and is very interesting on the history of the Alexander Technique. I would thoroughly recommend him as an Alexander Technique teacher.

Jane Porter, illustrator

I found the lessons very relaxing. I became aware of my body in a 3 dimensional way and I also felt taller. Will is very good at making you more aware of your senses.

Harry, film maker

After my first lesson with Will, I felt so relaxed and peaceful. And in the lessons that followed, I learned so much about myself...I became very aware of my body and the way I move, and as a consequence, I feel much more grounded and present every moment, in everything I do. And my lower back pain is gone, as I learned to move with no effort. Amazing! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Luciana Buchanan, Reiki practitioner

I was quite stressed doing exams and Will's teaching really helped me relax. I learnt to lie down in semi-supine at regular intervals which allowed me to reconnect with my body. I would definitely recommend Will to stressed out students!

Gus, student

My pain consultant referred me to Will to try The Alexander Technique when painkillers and steroid injections failed to help my lower back pain. I’m so glad he did, I feel much happier managing this within my own self - mind and body - than with pharmaceuticals or surgery. After a course of lessons I have learnt to manage the pain very effectively. Will has taught me to be more aware of how I function in day to day life- I’ve learnt how to move more easily and efficiently. I now have a better sense of balance and co-ordination which enables me to walk, sit, stand, lie, get up, bend and to move and function in every aspect more effortlessly. I’m more relaxed and lighter. I would certainly recommend anyone who is in pain or stressed to speak to Will and discover the benefits of the Alexander way.

Jacky, commercial analyst