Alexander Technique in London with Will Shephard

Will Shephard Alexander Technique London TeacherI came across the Technique when a neighbour described a profound experience  - an Alexander Technique lesson. Having run a furniture making business since 1984 and being in a lot of pain at the time I booked a lesson and had my own profound experience as I was walking home afterwards. I remember stopping, lifting up and looking at my arms and realising that all the pain had disappeared. I had weekly lessons in the Technique, starting a fascinating exploration into how I  worked both physically and mentally and was able to continue furniture making whilst supporting my entire system and especially my back with the Technique.

I completed a full-time three year training course in 2002 and have enjoyed teaching the Technique ever since. I am a member of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and adhere to a published code of ethical and professional standards.

Here are some useful links to websites about the Technique:  The site of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique Studio.  The excellent teacher training school in south west London where I trained.  A very useful site about the Technique
And here are some useful links for further exploration: